Q: Why buy Elitephones?
A: Elitephones exceed the standard requirements of all Major Flagship Hotels.
Standard features on our speaker telephones include mute, hold, flash and redial buttons, data-port and a 1-2 switch for hi-speed internet connectivity. All these features at a reasonable price that our competitors cannot match!

Q: What models and colors do Elitephones come in?
A: We offer a single-line speakerphone, a single-line speakerphone with 6 programmable speed-dial buttons and a two-line speakerphone with 11 programmable speed-dial buttons. Also available is our trim model. All phones come in ash (ivory) and black. Our wall-mountable trim model also comes in red for emergency use.

Q: Do I have to replace all my phones at once? What about button programming?
A: Elitephones come 10 to a box, so you don’t have to replace all of your existing phones at one time. You can simply replace your worn out phones, that are no longer working, a few at a time. Elitephones come pre-programmed with set-codes, but you can easily change them to meet your current settings.

(Click here to view the Elite Button Programming guide in our “Downloads”)

EZ elite guestroom phone

EZ Call-A-Matic Call Accounting

Q: Will the Call-A-Matic interface with my PMS company?
A: The Call-A-Matic is on the approval list of every major flagship hotel and is on the approval list of every major PMS company including; Hilton Hotels, Choice International, Micros-Opera, SoftHotel, MSI, HSS, IHG and many more.

Q: Do I need to purchase upgrade chips on a regular basis to keep my unit up to date?
A: No. Unlike our competitors, the Call-A-Matic can be adjusted using the touch-tone pad. Rate upgrades, charges, PMS options and switch integrations can all be done on site at any time. For example, if you are currently a Comfort Suites, using Choice PMS, and you are switching your flag to Hampton Inn, you do not need to purchase anything. You will simply go into programming and change your PMS type from Choice to Hilton. It is as simple as that.

Q: What is the warranty on the Call-A-Matic?
A: All EZ Advantage Products come with a one-year advanced replacement warranty. (Elitephones have a two-year warranty)

Q: How do I change the time on my Call-A-Matic?
A: From the touch-tone pad, you will press “*1 2 3 4 5 ENTER”. It will ask you to “enter program number”, which will be program 104. After you correct the date and time you press “EXIT” 3 times to return to the main menu.

Q: I am a small property, without a PMS company. Will the Call-A-Matic shut off guestrooms on my Mitel PBX, when they reach pre-set credit limits?
A: Yes, the Call-A-Matic Plus model has the ability to shut-off guestrooms on credit violations with Mitel PBX’s. With the Mitel SX200ML/EL you will need a dataset 1103 to do this. With the Mitel ICP you will need an I-pocket set for Tel-Net (net-link) with no flow-control.

(Click here to view the Dataset 1103 programming guide in our “Downloads”)

Call-a-matic PLUS


Q: Does the EZ-Hold come ready for install?
A: Yes. The EZ-Hold comes loaded with a generic recording ready for installation. The EZ-Hold works with almost all PBX and key systems.

Q: I know I can purchase custom recordings, but can I easily record my own message? If so, how often can I change it?
A: The EZ-Hold comes with a handset socket, so you can take any telephone handset, plug it in, hold down the “record” button on the front of the unit and make your own message in minutes. You can do this as often as you like.

Q: How many minutes can I record? Can I purchase additional modules for special occasions and holidays?
A: The basic module comes with up to 4-minutes of recording. You can record anything from 10-seconds, all the way up to 4-minutes, which will then play in a continuous loop. Additional modules can be purchased in either 4 or 8-minute blocks.

EZ music on Hold

EZ-Announcer/Time & Temperature

Q: If I use the EZ-Announcer for my hotel wake-up calls, how many should I purchase?
A: That will depend on the property size and if voicemail is present. For hotels with less then 50 rooms, one unit should be sufficient. For 100 room properties, one unit is fine if you have a voicemail that also offers wake-up features. If not you will need two. This method is usually good in increments of 50 rooms, so for 150 room properties, two units are fine if you have a voicemail that also offers wake-up features.

Q: I have a Time & Temperature unit and I need to change the time and date?
A: You need to call the extension the unit is on and when it answers press*1-2-3-4-5# to enter programming. The program number for the date and time is 107. You must enter it in military time and the entry will be as follows;
YYMMDDWDHHMM (Year, Month, Day, Day of the Week, Hour, Minutes)
For the day of the week; Monday is 1, Tuesday is 2, etc. For example; Monday March 20 2009 03:45 pm will be entered as 090320011545.

Message Announcer

EZ Answer/Director

Q: My EZ Answer/Director will transfer calls to the “0” extension, but not to rooms?
A: Make sure the two extensions for your EZ Answer are in their own class of service. If your rooms are class of service 1 and your administrative extensions are in class of service 2, make your EZ Answer extensions something like class of service 7.

Q: Why does my EZ Answer/Director recording cut off in the middle of the main greeting and automatically transfers the call to the front desk?
A: The volume may be too loud, so the unit is picking up tones that resemble the “0” tone of a telephone. Lower the volume of the unit, which should correct the problem. If that does not work, try re-recording the main greeting.

EZ answer auto attendant

EZ-Voice Voicemail

Q: How do I change the time on my EZ Voice?
A: You call the hunt-group and when you hear the main greeting you dial *97#. It will prompt you for a password, which is 8000#. Then you press 4, for system administration, and follow the directions for changing the time and date. DO NOT PANIC. After you change the time and date, the voicemail system will reboot in order to correct the built in wake-up announcer and the “time & date” stamp for messages. Your unit will be back up in less then 10 minutes.

Q: We have employees that no longer work for the company, but have changed the password on their mailbox. How do we reset that?
A: You call the hunt-group and when you hear the main greeting you dial *97#. It will prompt you for a password, which is 8000#. Then you press 1, for mailbox administration, and follow the directions for editing a mailbox. You will press the option to “reset original password”. After you do this, you will press the * (star) button on the telephone until it returns you to the main greeting. The password will now be the extension number.

For more information on EZ Advantage Products visit our “Downloads” section.


Ez Voicemail System